103 — The Bible Code

There’s a few ways to get ready for The Bible Code, a giant hit from a bygone era that finally—finally!—solves the ancient puzzle: what if there were a conspiracy theory that was all Easter eggs but also absolutely no fun at all? Set the controls for the late 90s, just before the end of the world, and set your expectations to nodding politely while the crazy man tells you about the letters he wrote to a wide variety of world leaders.

Get ready to turn into Han Solo, because when this one is over, you will absolutely never want anybody to tell you the odds ever again. But you’ll still have a good time exploring the book that turns the Old Testament into the BOLD Testament! Trust us, this is one episode you won’t want to pass over.



  • “Channel Zero” by Canibus
  • “End of All Things” by Nomeansno
  • “Nuclear War” by Sun Ra and his Arkestra