173 — The Paris Apartment

No, it’s not a new made-up term for a sexual position—as far as we know!—it’s the new Lucy Foley joint, The Paris Apartment! It’s darker than a wine cellar, twistier than an alley in your favorite arrondissement, but, unfortunately, about as eventful as an afternoon sighing with ennui over a couple of Gauloises and a […]

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With tramps like these, hoo boy, do things get real and stay there in a hurry as your humble hosts pop their clutches and tell Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon’s Born to Run: A Novel of the SERRAted Edge to eat their dust! It’s another novel of the urban fantastique, with an Irish pub described […]

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170 — Don’t Know Jack

No know Jack? No, know Jack! Jack Reacher, that is, as we for some reason decide to experiment with CBS-grade Reacher-adjacency with Diane Capri’s series-starting Don’t Know Jack. This is a gaiden, in which the titular Jack is most present in his absence, as a wise-cracking pair of FBI Human Resources Detectives are looking to […]

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169 — Hannibal

  We’re off the dang map here, folks, because we don’t know where we are, but we do know that here? there be monsters! Just in time for spooky season, we’re taking on one of the giants of the bad-book genre, Hannibal by Thomas Harris. This book is a big, corrosive bummer, with lots and […]

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166 — River of Teeth

We live in a world that has hippos, and those hippos have to be ridden by people with weapons. Who’s gonna do it? You? These people have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for victims of hippos, and you curse the hippo riders. You have that luxury. You have the luxury […]

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165 — Atlanta Nights

For SO many reasons, it’s time to get out of town, and so we’re hitting the road to check out some of those hot Atlanta Nights we’ve been hearing so much about! Atlanta Nights is a truly bizarre artifact, so strange that it forces us to break our own rules and stretch our own format, […]

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