170 — Don’t Know Jack

Cover of "Don't Know Jack", featuring a house for some reason.

No know Jack? No, know Jack! Jack Reacher, that is, as we for some reason decide to experiment with CBS-grade Reacher-adjacency with Diane Capri’s series-starting Don’t Know Jack. This is a gaiden, in which the titular Jack is most present in his absence, as a wise-cracking pair of FBI Human Resources Detectives are looking to reconstruct a series of events more or less clearly laid out in a book available at any airport bookstore. NOTE: this is probably not a gaiden, but either way, absolutely do not @ us.

Anyway, if you want to hear some serious airport positivity, this is the episode for you! So grab your earbuds and make sure to leave early for your flight, because by the time this episode is over, you’ll be saying “I Know ‘Don’t Know Jack’!”.


  • “Nancy” comics by Olivia Jaimes
  • “My Dark Vanessa” by Kate Elizabeth Russell


  • “Happy Jack” by The Who
  • “jack shit” by Teen Angels
  • “Atom Jack” by Drive Like Jehu