056 — Armor

Wow, what is there to say about John Steakley’s Armor? Strap on your favorite defense mechanisms and join J. and Collision as they try to answer this difficult question about a novel that dares to answer the less difficult question “what if Starship Troopers were incredibly stupid and repetitive?”. Yes, we take on Armor, the […]

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055 — List of the Lost

LISTENER ADVISORY: it is okay to like the Smiths, who were good; it is defensible to like Morrissey, because there’s no accounting for tastes; but if you like this book, there is something seriously wrong with your Literature Appreciation Module. This episode, we’re taking on an oft-anticipated “novel” by former Smiths frontman and one-time cultural […]

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054 — Hammer of the Gods

Say what you will about Led Zeppelin and the average rock bio, but this particular rock bio is (a) about Led Zeppelin and (b) full of hot air. Join us as we talk about the granddaddy of all trashy rock books, Stephen Davis’ Hammer of the Gods, a bizarre work of fanfic about a mid-tier […]

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