Cover of the novel "Born to Run" featuring a woman in short red dress, pointing at a man with a brown mullet and brown leather jacket and preparing to throw a fireball at him.  In the background is a sleek black muscle car.

With tramps like these, hoo boy, do things get real and stay there in a hurry as your humble hosts pop their clutches and tell Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon’s Born to Run: A Novel of the SERRAted Edge to eat their dust! It’s another novel of the urban fantastique, with an Irish pub described as “straight-edge”, a couple battle scenes where you can really see the graph paper underneath the characters, and some of the most improbable radio playlists imaginable, and, as a novel of (sigh) the urban fantastique, one of us slides right off it and the other digs his eldritch fangs right into it. But not like that, the other way.

NOTE: This novel, while mostly lighthearted, does traffic in material related to child sexual abuse and exploitation, in way reminiscent of a particularly tawdry episode of SVU.

NOTE 2: Clsn now realizes he missed a good opportunity to pronounce it “elfs” throughout the episode and regrets the error.


  • Upright Women Wanted, by Sarah Gailey
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Death Among the Undead, by Masahiro Imamura
  • Seinfeld Bass Riff Variations