143 — Killer Crabs

Guy N. Smith's Killer Crabs

Cue the music and lift your voices in song with us, because it’s the mo-st won-der-ful time … of the year: it’s time to get back on the Guy N. Smith train with an absolute banger entitled Killer Crabs.

You know how last time we took on a Smith-crab joint, we thought “Wow, this one has EVERYTHING”? Well, it turns out that that one had a lot less than this one, because this one has everything. Everything is what this one has, at least if by the word “everything” you understand “just a whole LOT of sex and a briefcase-full-of-cash ménage à trois subplot that just screams “late ’70s made-for-TV movie” and, of course, extremely invulnerable giant crabs eviscerating humans all over the beach.

Is there any defense against this scuttling menace? Have the crabs developed military tactics? Will any of our major characters have enough sex to say “You know what, that’s about enough sex I’ve had right there”? Friends, allies against the crabs, secret lovers, there’s only one viable path to an answer, and that path runs straight through the pages of … Killer Crabs. Up Guy N. Smith, up the Irons, up IDEOTVPod and up the giant crabs!


  • A Human Algorithm by Flynn Coleman
  • Cabin at the End of the World by Paul Tremblay


  • “Shellburn” by The Spinanes
  • “Sideways” by Dinosaur Jr.
  • “Dead Meat on the Beach” by Sonny and the Sunsets