029 – Wild Animus (w/ Tim Faust)

That’s wild stuff, man. Wild. In this episode, we discuss Rich Shapero’s “Wild Animus” with guest Tim Faust. Jay is convinced that this is the worst book he’s read for this show. That is saying a lot. Steel yourselves. SO MANY CAVEATS: sorry about the audio weirdness, it’s still a very listenable show, but there […]

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028 — Pines

HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT! For once, I Don’t Even Own a Television makes good on repeated promises of “big changes” as we introduce former guest Chris Collision in his new role as all-the-time co-host. In this episode, Chris and J. kick the tires a bit and discuss Blake Crouch’s “Pines”, an amazingly tepid twist-based thriller […]

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