142 — SKILLSET Magazine

Ever want to hear what we get up to in our extra-special episodes over on Patreon dot com slash IDEOTVPod? Often, it’s rad stuff like this, where we go deep into and thickly through a magazine aimed* at … well, it’s complicated, but the magazine is called Skillset and it’s about being a hecka T U F F dude one hundred percent of the time. Which, full disclosure, includes an interest in collecting vintage video games, and has way less information about knives than you might expect. 🙁

If you want to learn about how to fix a blown-out tire, this episode will teach you how NOT to handle the situation. If you want to know more about things you can buy that will make everybody say “WOW WHAT A MAN”, then this episode is absolutely for you. So please enjoy this special break from format while you find some ways to expand your … skillset.

*You’ll get that one on the way home.

IMPORTANT: Here’s a giant pdf with a bunch of scans of various pages from this magazine so you can follow along. It’s a MULTI MEDIA EXPERIENCE.