052 — New Game+ (w/ Rachel Millman)

For the show’s big, blooming second anniversary, we’re getting super-seductive with Harris O’Malley’s most book-like object yet, New Game+: The Geek’s Guide to Love, Sex, & Dating, with special guest Rachel Millman! Once again we confront a self-help book that falls on the wrong side of the Ice-T Twitter Account Quality Line (ICTTAQL, for short). […]

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051 — Night of the Crabs

Wilder than Wild Animus. Weirder than Necroscope. Wronger than Scruples. Surging it comes in from the sea off the coast of Wales, so J. and Collision must wade into … Night of the Crabs! This is not a drill, people, this is a book by Guy N. Smith and it’s definitely the best bad book […]

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