Flashback #2 — Necroscope

Cover of Brian Lumley's novel Necroscope.

Long-dead voices returning from the grave to tell you all about what they think. No, it’s not just a description of this flashback to the first episode future permanent co-host Clsn ever showed up on, it’s also the plot of Brian Lumley’s Necroscope!

Please enjoy this first flight of the Legendary Lions of the Library, the Beach-Read Barbarians, the Trashy-Book Twins, the Hosts Who Hold the Three Rs to be Reading, Writing, and Reaming*, you know them, you love them, you may not have heard this one, so hop on and hold on (loosely) because it’s time to get in the van with the skulls on the side and take a wild ride through a spy story in which the spooks are a little more literal than you might be used to.

NOTE: we’re sorry for the rerun, but we have had three unexpected glitches in very short order. The next episode is going to be extremely good, so please bear with us.

*The fourth R is Re-Animating.


  • Mary Shelly, Frankenstein


  • “Graveyard Chamber” by Gravediggaz
  • “Night of the Vampire” by Roky Erickson