067 — Tori Amos: Piece by Piece (w/ Lauren Parker)

This Halloween, put down your flying broom and pick up the pieces — Piece by Piece, by Tori Amos and Ann K. Powers! With special guest and Tori Amos expert Lauren Parker, J. and Clsn take a magic carpet ride through a wonderful patchwork tapestry cauldron, bubbling with diversity, myths, magic, big business, the sacred feminine, Robert Plant, the circus, hair metal, football (which is what they call soccer in England, it turns out), and a whole heaping pile of goddesses.

Not your usual rock book, and definitely not the book version of a making-of DVD extra for a long-forgotten album, except exactly, precisely that, Piece by Piece just might rock you — to sleep! Come: tune your piano; tend your moistest garden; and tour the seething volcano of Piece by Piece with us.


  • Love Is a Mixtape, Rob Sheffield
  • Emma Ruth Rundle, Marked for Death
  • Violet is the Color of Your Energy, Nadia Bulkin


  • “My Piano Horror”, a Youtube Video of a Piano Recital
  • “Lush Life” by Stan Getz (with elements of “The Guys Get Shirts”)
  • “Witchy Woman” by The Eagles
  • “White Girls” by The Mighty Casey