008 — Backwards Masking Unmasked (w/ David Thorpe)

Join myself and noted internet humorist and music critic David Thorpe as we examine the shadowy world of backwards messages hidden inside the darkest metal records of the 70’s and 80’s, including the collected works of Hall & Oates and The Captain and Tenille.

This book was written by a man who is quite possibly mentally ill in a very legitimate sense and details an immense satanic conspiracy throughout the world of rock. It is ostensibly a book about the technique of backmasking; but quickly digresses into chapter after chapter of nonsense, much like this podcast.

But please enjoy our in-depth discussions of Lone-Gunmen Glasses, Ron Henley, and why Robin Gibb is the most evil man in rock and roll.


None this episode.


[this episode’s music notes coming soon]