152 — The Price of Time

Cover of Tim Tigner's novel The Price of Time.

Tick, tock, tick … doot doot doo-doo … time keeps on ticking ticking ticking … into the future! And, luckily, in the future, nobody has to read any slightly-above-average Crichton-grade semi-thrillers with one science idea and zero character or plot ideas along the lines of Tim Tigner’s The Price of Time.

If you’re ready for super-sharp insights about the nature of commodified time in a heavily ruined-by-capitalism world, try the movie In Time, but if you’re ready for a frequently okay but very dumb book about What If Rich People But Immortal, try The Price of Time but if you’re ready for The Only Podcast That Loves You to take on a Burn Notice-grade narrative that actually includes a sentence like “It hadn’t occurred to him that the ex-CIA agent and the triathlete might have teamed up to take down the Immortals”, then oh golly have we got an episode for you!

Side note: the insights about the nature of commodified time in a world ruined by capitalism expressed in the film In Time are not in fact super-sharp. Clsn regrets the hyperbole. (All power to the people and ban the fucking bomb.)


Music Pairings:

  • “People Who Died” by Jim Carroll
  • “Birth School Work Death” by The Godfathers
  • “Time Is Money (Bastard)” by Swans