039 — Shadow Moon (w/ Tricia Ellis)

What happens when Star Wars creator/destroyer George Lucas hires X-Men writer Chris Claremont to make a trilogy in the style of Lord of the Rings? An incomprehensible, sodden mess, as it turns out. A gritty reimagineering of slash sequel to a schlocky, shticky, slapsticky non-hit children’s movie called Willow, Shadow Moon nearly brings J., Collision, […]

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038 — Flowers in the Attic (w/ Centa Schumacher & Amanda Brand)

Today J. and Collision are getting high — attic high! With mondo-special guests Centa and Amanda, the IDEOTV team tackles the oft-requested quasi-gothic super-creepy best-seller and rite of passage Flowers in the Attic. This one really goes there, people, so if whipped children and brothers licking sisters’ nipples isn’t your thing, you might want to […]

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036 — Airport

Recommended by major dude and friend of the show Tom Keiser, it’s time for J and Collision to endure the long lines and longer speeches of… Airport, Arthur Hailey’s 1968 ode to MEN and their DECISIONS and their FEELINGS. You need to know, though: this ain’t the summer of love.  Also, you can pack your […]

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035 – Slash

This episode will rock you to your foundations, as J. and Collision tune up the band and take a hot shot of Slash’s memoir Slash. That’s right, the guitar player from Guns & Roses wrote a book (sorta) and we read it (bigtime). Rarely has a book about sex, drugs, and rock & roll been […]

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034 — Armada

Saddle up! J and Collision run roughshod over Ernest Cline’s new reference deployment device, Armada. Is Cline a one-trick pony, or is this book a dead horse, beaten? The answer is inside! Plus, some extra-good letters, a seriously exciting announcement, and our most appropriate recommendations yet!

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033 — Candy Girl (w/ Lemon)

Collision and J welcome tart-tongued guest Lemon from the F Plus to lay bare the non-magic and total lack of mystery of Diablo Cody’s valentine to herself, “Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper”. Take a peek behind the curtain and behold a book in which everybody talks exactly like… Diablo […]

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