Cover of Roger Zelazy's novel Damnation Alley, featuring a bald man in sunglasses looking absolutely super tough.

Lighters are clicking and flicking, wheels are rolling, and badasses are extremely American this time around as we climb into our *checks notes* LandMasters and take off across the blasted countryside of … Damnation Alley.

Tuff-guy posturing meets clouds of suspiciously sweetly scented smoke and maybe a few more descriptions of the sky than you were expecting, and the IDEOTV men have to have ANOTHER on-air strategy session to address WHY do all these books have damn’ PLAGUES in them, anyway.

We can’t exactly give this book a ringing endorsement, we’re not clappers in its audience, but we’re not on Team Pull ‘Er from the Shelves, either. If you’d like to know more about what we ding Damnation Alley on, press the button and maybe grab your bong!