158 — Storm Front (Dresden Files Volume 1)

‘E’s a (hairy) wizard, is ‘arry … ‘arry Dresden, that is, Chicago’s only professional wizard and the protagonist of a book entitled Storm Front: Dresden Files Volume 1. On the plus side, a book called Storm Front featuring a dude named “Dresden” somehow manages not to go to objectionable places. On the minus side, this book is such a bland mess that even the climax explicitly having a wizard fight his foes by magically making a broom sweep those foes away, Sorcerer’s Apprentice style, actually registers.

Anyway, sub-Moonlighting flirting, a portrayal of lesbian vampires that would embarrass a Cinemax executive, and a narrator in a duster, cowboy boots … and sweatpants. Yes, this book has “it” “all” for some very particular values of those terms, and it is our absolute pleasure to be able to escort you through the mean streets and magic-scorpion-ridden elevators of Harry Dresden’s Chicago, so grab your slicker and get ready for some heavy weather, because what’s moving in … is a Storm Front!


  • The Lady Killer by Masako Togawa
  • It Felt Like Love

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