147 — ZARDOZ

A more elegant fiction from a more civilized age is John Boorman and Bill Stair’s novelization of John Boorman’s film script (for) Zardoz. It’s a truly crazypants vision of a post-apocalyptic (and mostly pantsless) future, crafted by a couple men so laser-focused on breasts that you could well call them set adrift on mammary bliss.

NOTE: this was brought to us by the F Plus’ inimitable Lemon, who couldn’t join us for this recording session because life is a savage wasteland patrolled by brutes, beset by beasts, and plagued by … plagues. We hope all’s well on his end and that his lack won’t won’t reduce your zest for the episode. So if you’re ready to delve within and achieve enlightenment the Zardoz / IDEOTV way, snug up your singlet, prepare yourself for skin-to-skin knowledge transmission (not really), and mash that DOWNLOAD button to access the far-off and mustachioed lands … of Zardoz (really).

Supplemental hate reading: Gary Shteyngart on Zardoz.

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