123 — Slow Bullets

Cover image of the Alaistair Reynolds novel entitled "Slow Bullets", featuring a spaceship that is absolutely not an accurate depiction of the three-ringed spaceship described in the book.
In the far-flung future, faster-than-light “skipships” carry soldiers in “hibo capsules” and our hero “Scur” needs to save what human knowledge she can in everybody’s titular … Slow Bullets, and even if you’re not already overloaded on made-up words and silly names, you’d be forgiven for muttering “hooo booooy” when you get to the part where Scur is on a spaceship and is puzzled and excited by the existence of a public address system.

It’s the kind of science fiction where nobody has wireless, so most of the action consists of people carrying tablets and thumb drives around, the kind where religion gets a pretty savage sneering-at (so take THAT, belief systems!), soldiers cuss a lot (a LOT), and one quiet IT man can save the entire day, if only he can get people to listen to him.

All this spurs and stirs what might be our most digressive episode yet. There’s much, much more than the usual amount of cape and cape-adjacent talk, and the moment where Clsn inexplicably can’t remember the name of Peter Schilling is sure to have a central place in this year’s Poddies podcast award show. Also! the long-awaited return of talking about Do Robots Do the Nasty (yes) and How.