121 — Nights at Rodanthe

Cover of the Nicholas Sparks novel Nights in Rodanthe, featuring a placid beach scene.

Long nights, impossible odds, keeping your eye to the keyhole, that’s what it’s like to spend your nights within Nights at Rodanthe. Our first encounter with the redoubtable Nicholas Sparks has our home fires burning bright, with our tightest, least-digressive episode ever!*

An oft-told tale, this, in which a nice woman snaps her daughter out of a funk by telling her of her semi-tragic and fully doomed love story of years gone by. Hurricanes, estrangement, bad food, illicit, even forbidden, wine, these jam-packed Nights you won’t soon forget. Probably. Anyway, this one’s got more than just breakfast in bed, if you know what we’re saying.

Head to the lighthouse and get ready to give us a hand with the storm shutters, but forgive us if you end up thinking that strong winds aren’t the only thing that blows around here, because it’s time to shake off your daze and enter the pulsing, dryer-sheet scented night…Nights of Rodanthe, that is.

Also! Bonus grumpiness and us coming as close as we ever will do to handling an often-requested book that we wouldn’t check out with your library card. Also also! J. references Clsn’s jam; Clsn possibly nearly completes the Plot in 60 Seconds challenge; food safety and cooler packing is discussed at longer length than you’d expect.

*Note: Not guaranteed.**
**Note: Not even particularly likely.