109 — The President Is Missing

Cover of the James Patterson and Bill Clinton novel entitled The President Is Missing.

“The president is missing,” you say? “Christ, I wish!” Sorry, that’s not what this book is about, though. This episode drops the bucket down into the ever-reliable well of James Patterson and when we pull it back up we find that it’s also got a few viscous droplets of ol’ Bill Clinton mixed in. In The President Is Missing, we encounter a red-blooded, two-fisted kind of President of the United States, the kind of rugged leader who isn’t afraid to…call terrorist leaders on the phone…or…go to a baseball game in disguise to meet with a possible source of information, the kind of guy with exactly two friends: a movie star who doesn’t need anybody’s help to resolve sexual harassment issues, and a venture capitalist who got rich on tech companies he brags about not understanding.

Look, we’re not going to pretend this one makes a whole lot of sense. But hey, at least when this president drones on and on, it doesn’t end up costing anybody their lives. If you’re ready for a president who writes poems to square off against bad guys who thought of everything, but one thing they forgot: the United States has helicopters and knows how to use them, then you just might be ready for … The President Is Missing.


  • “Funky President (People it’s Bad)” by James Brown
  • “Adrenaline!” by The Roots
  • “Theme from Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja”