101 — The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Our first episode to be scored entirely by harp, harpsichord, and ocarina, it’s the oft-requested short side story The Slow Regard of Silent Things, a book that would describe itself as “twee as twee” and that features a character who “smiles” twice, “grins” every third paragraph, and once sweeps a staircase…up. It’s a fun read, like hanging out with a friendly goth who’s happy to share their cloves and lots of handy tips about getting red wine stains out of velvet cloaks.

Snatch up your gathersack, because this episode is brimming with amiable whimsy that you won’t want to leave behind, make sure you’ve got your best copy of The Crow soundtrack with you, and prepare yourself for … a quick glance at noisemakers? No, silly! It’s time for a rhyme that’s quiet as a mime with a twist of lime: it’s time … for The Slow Regard of Silent Things.


  • Line Hollis, “Line On Sierra
  • Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House


  • Joanna Newsom, “monkey & bear”
  • Clutch, “the soapmakers”
  • Radiohead, “Everything in Its Right Place”
  • A YouTube Genius, “Seinfeld/Bizkit Mashup”