088 — Worlds of Power No. 1: Blaster Master

Worlds of Power No. 1: Blaster Master: a strange artifact, here, not as clumsy or random as fanfic, an elegant read from a more civilized age. Yes, what we have here is a novelization … of a video game … meant for children. But, due to one host’s long-standing relationship with the work, we break our normal rules, and craft for you an episode that’s chockablock with crackerjack infotainment, including a decided enthusiasm gap between your hosts, a rich vein of fun factage*, and even—yes—a brand-new game with its very own song! Significant blasting; much mastery: that’s what you’re in for.

So slip into your power suit and check the charge on your laser pistol, because it’s time for Baby’s First Body Horror. It’s time … for Blaster Master!

*Fun fact: this series of books was listed as by “F.X. Nine” because, depending on who** you believe, the series creator wanted kids to stumble over them when they were looking on the shelves for either Nintendo or Nine Inch Nails, neither of which we recommend you look for.




  • Helen McDonald, H Is for Hawk
  • Adam Johnson, The Orphan Master’s Son


  • “Elephant Riders” by Clutch
  • “Standstill” by Gorilla Biscuits
  • “Hot One” by Shudder to Think