082 — God’s Debris (w/ Lauren O’Neal)

If you cross a plague of locusts with a parade of nonsense, what do you get? The answer does not lie in Scott “Dilbert Guy”‘s bizarre tract God’s Debris. Nevertheless, we were delighted to welcome back our resident religious scholar Lauren O’Neal to try to get some meaning out of a work that truly seems intended to make you think… Unfortunately, mostly what it makes you think is “geez, is this book dumb”.

Laughs abound as we sit down next to strangers on the bus and get an earful about the nature of time, the essence of probability, the “women be different than men” problem, and the Deliveryman’s Code. No, it’s not a season of Futurama; it’s infinitely worse than that. (Even the last couple seasons. Yes, this book longish pamphlet is that bad.)



  • “Know It All” by Lagwagon
  • “Tight Like That” by Clutch
  • “Blow Your Mind” by Ohana Bam