063 — Dragons of Autumn Twilight: Dragonlance Chronicles, Vol. 1

As foretold in ancient scrolls, Clsn and J. fulfill the grim prophecies and embark on a quest most dire: get somehow through the dullest book we’ve seen in ages: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman’s Dragons of Autumn Twilight: DragonLance Chronicles Volume One.

Like listening to somebody misexplain the plot of a movie you’ve already seen, while pretending the plot is something they made up, getting through this book is a tall dang order, but we made it. And so will you. Brush up on your magic words and get ready to laugh at a book that purports to Chronicle DragonLances, but that actually contains somewhere south of a half-dozen dragons and literally zero actual lances. Grip tightly your ocarina and prepare to raise your voice in the songs of your people (particularly if your people, like our people, are partial to Pony). The roads are dusty, and your leathern saddle is no doubt cracked, but a few ales and some spicèd potatoes will soon have you ready for adventure with your friends.

Our party awaits! Come with us and we guarantee one thing: you’re sure to fail your saving throw against having fun!


  • “The Door Into Fire” by Diane Duane
  • “Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan” by Jake Adelstein


  • “Roll the Dice” by PAC DIV
  • “Rumpshaker” by WRECKX-N-EFFECT
  • “Timorous Me” by Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
  • “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest