060 — War Against the Mafia: The Executioner, Book 1 (Mack Bolan)

If you like your sex scenes extremely long and your gunplay extremely every single chapter, then you just may be the target audience for Against the Mafia: The Executioner, Book 1, the legendary piece of action-trash that introduced Mack Bolan to an extremely unsuspecting world.

From chapters like “A Master’s Stroke” and “God-Damn Iron-Man Bolan” (not kidding) to “The Goof”, “Forecast: Warmer Tonight and Tomorrow”, and “Execution Hill”, J. and Collision dance madly backwards through the raging river of fear that powered the writing of this book, a terrified look at a completely unrecognizable 1969 America, a cringing fantasy of one tall-ass man with lots of long-ass long guns (and knives) standing up for families and righteousness and shooting people who get in your way and banging one whole lot of ladies.

New segments! Bizarre word choices! Some of the mannest manning any book ever manned! Philosophy lectures! Incredibly angry diary entries! EXPLOSIONS AND FUCK YOUR HELICOPTERS! If you ever caught yourself wishing “I wish somebody had written Scruples, but for dudes”, step right up.

We do need to mention explicitly: this book is a very aggressive ode to a sniper; it also contains a lot of bizarre speculations about sex work. If that sounds like something you’d have a hard time with (at this point in history, or just at all), we definitely understand and understand if you want to give this episode a pass.


  • “Violent School” by Dead Milkmen
  • “Mayor” by Pharoahe Monch
  • “Sexecutioner” by GWAR
  • “No Way Back” by Adonis