059 — Sass Girls X (w/ K. Thor Jensen)

In the quest for the weirdest and worst artifacts available, J. and Collision welcome K. Thor Jensen to the show to discuss Sass Girls X, by Imari Imarea. You’re gonna need a safe, well-padded environment for this, because this book’s ridiculous levels are matched only by its levels of terribleness. A failed attempt at bringing the energy and conventions of anime to the page, Sass Girls X is more or less what you’d get if an internet forum came to life and instantly got a bad fever.

This book is an incredible rarity, which is why we’re breaking some of our rules to bring it to you. You have NOT read anything like it, and it’s unlikely you would ever would have had the … pleasure of this book’s prose, so get ready. Get ready to taste an unholy mix of obscure sexual fetish(es), videogame obsessiveness, slapstick humor, “fuck it” plotting, and more appropriations than Earnest Cline could pull off after an espresso enema. And get ready to update your list of things that have made you say “holy shit”, because this is DEFINITELY going on it.


  • The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter
  • The Shaggs’ Own Thing, The Shaggs


  • All music this episode is from the CD, “SGX”, which comes with this book.