056 — Armor

Wow, what is there to say about John Steakley’s Armor? Strap on your favorite defense mechanisms and join J. and Collision as they try to answer this difficult question about a novel that dares to answer the less difficult question “what if Starship Troopers were incredibly stupid and repetitive?”. Yes, we take on Armor, the book that should have been called A Constant Reminder of Better Books: The Book. As a read, Armor is a terrible slog that looks you square in the eye and shows you atrocities while growling “war…is heck” before bafflingly pivoting to whimsical wisecracking and brief interludes of rough sex. This read was not the smoothest ride, is what we’re saying.

Anyway, lots of fun this time around, as we reminisce, we rant, we rave, we riff, we just in general rue the day we read this wretched collection of strenuously brutal action scenes and quarter-baked philosophical musings. Yes, this is one of those books where, when you’re struggling to say something nice, you end up saying “there was this literally one joke? that I didn’t hate?”. Enjoy the proceedings as we wrestle with a book that’s not just mediocre … it’s very mediocre. Protective plating and safety eyewear recommended!

NOTE: our first post-Patreon episode, this one features excellent new microphones! Unfortunately, due to the unforeseen obstacles of life, there was some construction going on outside, so there may be a little extra buzzing and banging in the background, over which we had zero control and for which we have all the apologies.



  • “Turnstile” by Hot Water Music
  • “War Pigs” as performed by Cake
  • “Wargasm” by L7
  • “Ants in My Pants” by James Brown