043 — The Alchemist

Some years back, Paulo Coelho transmuted bad advice and a child’s sense of story into a massive bestseller. And today, Collision and J. magically transform a terrible book into a good podcast as they tackle…The Alchemist! If you liked Wild Animus, but were all like “Hey, this would be great if we could get some more sheep in the mix!” then this may be the book for you. Topics addressed this time around include t-shirts, voiceover technique, anime as an adult, project management, and men who leave. Extraordinarily special run-in at the very end by Centa Schumacher, as the voice of reason!



  • “Hold You Down”, The Alchemist
  • “Positive Hardcore Band”, Good Clean Fun
  • “Dopesmoker”, Sleep
  • Some Teens’ School Project About The Alchemist That I Found On Youtube