021 — The Eye of Argon (w/ K Thor Jensen)

Writer and cartoonist K Thor Jensen joins me this week as we discuss the triumphant tale of the barbarian *ahem* Grignr as he invokes the god *ahem* Mrifk in his fight against the evil forces of *ahem* Agafnd and also some kind of gemstone that turns into a giant slime or blob or something like that. “The Eye of Argon” is notorious within fantasy and sci-fi fandom circles, and with good reason. If you’re already familiar with this story, you know what to expect. If you aren’t, HOLY CRAP DROP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT THIS INSTANT AND FIND IT. This book/story/novella is friggin bonkers and worth every second it takes to read.

There are some audio issues at points in this recording but I know you will all deal with it because you are troopers.


None this episode.


  • Theme from “He-Man”
  • “Desert Rain” by Iced Earth