143 — Killer Crabs

Cue the music and lift your voices in song with us, because it’s the mo-st won-der-ful time … of the year: it’s time to get back on the Guy N. Smith train with an absolute banger entitled Killer Crabs. You know how last time we took on a Smith-crab joint, we thought “Wow, this one […]

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142 — SKILLSET Magazine

Ever want to hear what we get up to in our extra-special episodes over on Patreon dot com slash IDEOTVPod? Often, it’s rad stuff like this, where we go deep into and thickly through a magazine aimed* at … well, it’s complicated, but the magazine is called Skillset and it’s about being a hecka T […]

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139 — Ricochet Joe

Bouncing off the walls with at least one too many cups of coffee, it’s the IDEOTV squad (-ron) chasing after Ricochet Joe! This is a prime blast of classic Dean Koontz, which means it’s literally impossible to dislike or have a bad time with. We hope you’ll enjoy our dogged efforts hereby unleashed! So fix […]

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136 — Duel to the Death

Picked out and up at a literal airport bookstore, it’s the greatest fight we’ve ever had: J.A. Jance’s Duel to the Death: An Ali Reynolds Mystery. Will this supposed thriller bring the techno-chills, delivering A.I.-derived Bitcoin by Bluetooth? Or will we spend most of our time at the DMV? (Sorry for the short notes this […]

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135 — The Notebook

One journal you won’t want to take a bullet for, it’s Nicholas Sparks’ rain-drenched kayak epic The Notebook! The gothic tale of a war veteran alone in his ancient house, yearning for the rekindling of a long-gone love affair, crossed with an empowering journey of a young woman fighting to make her own choices and […]

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134 — The Wurms of Blearmouth, A Malazan Tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach

Swords? More than a couple. Sorcery? Some, but not so much that you’d get upset about it. Sandals? Probably not, but we can’t swear that weren’t any in … The Wurms of Blearmouth. Probably the highest quantity (and quality!) of funny voices in any episode ever, and DEFINITELY the longest list of purportedly funny names […]

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