135 — The Notebook

One journal you won’t want to take a bullet for, it’s Nicholas Sparks’ rain-drenched kayak epic The Notebook! The gothic tale of a war veteran alone in his ancient house, yearning for the rekindling of a long-gone love affair, crossed with an empowering journey of a young woman fighting to make her own choices and […]

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134 — The Wurms of Blearmouth, A Malazan Tale of Bauchelain and Korbal Broach

Swords? More than a couple. Sorcery? Some, but not so much that you’d get upset about it. Sandals? Probably not, but we can’t swear that weren’t any in … The Wurms of Blearmouth. Probably the highest quantity (and quality!) of funny voices in any episode ever, and DEFINITELY the longest list of purportedly funny names […]

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130 — Coma

A book that will leave you sleepy, but a podcast episode that will leave you … in stitches, it’s Robin Cook’s quasi-classic Coma, a medical thriller more frightening than anything except a hospital bill. A thick slice of 70s anxiety, where women in the workplace crash up against the commodification of, uh, organ “donations” and […]

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129 — Witch & Wizard (w/ Renata & Kait from Worst Bestsellers)

It’s the greatest crossover of all time—again!!—as the delightful Kait & Renata from Worst Bestsellers repay our James Patterson guest spot with one of their own, joining us for James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet’s Witch & Wizard. Yes, it’s dude magic and lady magic together again for the very first time, in a Frankensteined-up teen-centered […]

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128 — Pirate Latitudes

Is that a parrot on your shoulder or are you just glad to see … Pirate Latitudes, a supposed novel supposedly found in Michael Crichton’s files, complete and entire, after his death? Slow-moving nautical action, a slow-motion rock-climbing heist with a basically super-powered team of what are over and over again described as not pirates, […]

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127 — The Way to Dusty Death

Helmet, jumpsuit, maybe a catheter: these are the things we needed to hop behind the wheel of Alistair MacLean’s The Way to Dusty Death, and it’s at the very least possible that they are the things you’ll need to have in place before you pop your clutch and try to slip behind the fastest cats […]

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