We don’t normally do this, but given current events, we figured there’d be no better time to dig back through the archives and re-release a classic episode, Bill O’Reilly’s batshit thriller “Those Who Tresspass”, with special guest Jeb Lund. Please, join us in 2014; a time before Collision, before segments and fun little jingles. Listen […]


079 — Widow’s Walk

This episode, we’re hitching a ride on up to Boston to tag along with a sassy, tough-guy grandpa private eye, as he attempts to get to the bottom of a mystery involving real estate fraud, a dead gay banker, the dead gay banker’s young widow, her boyfriend, a lot of ancillary characters that don’t make […]

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054 — Hammer of the Gods

Say what you will about Led Zeppelin and the average rock bio, but this particular rock bio is (a) about Led Zeppelin and (b) full of hot air. Join us as we talk about the granddaddy of all trashy rock books, Stephen Davis’ Hammer of the Gods, a bizarre work of fanfic about a mid-tier […]

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045 — Snow Crash

Happy holidays! Fresh from our wonderful listeners voting us into the AV Club’s Top 10 Podcasts, IDEOTVPOD scrapes the bottom of the barrel — no, the part actually touching the ground, where it’s gross and grubby and slimy — and gives the people what they want: Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. Extra-special music, live-and-in-person dialogue trees, […]

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041 — Condominium

There’s a single question that has driven most of the great books in history: “What would happen if young, unpleasant people acquired property?” That’s the question at the heart of this book, a searing indictment of MFA graduates everywhere. Come for interesting, well-drawn characters like the magical elf-woman who can’t use a coffee maker, check […]

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040 — Kitchen Confidential

In this episode, the fish truly don’t fry in the kitchen, and the beans don’t burn on the grill.  It’s a sizzler this time around, as J. and Collision read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, the memoir that dares to combine dirty dishes with Motley Crüe’s The Dirt.  Sit down with Extremely Cool Guy Anthony Bourdain […]

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039 — Shadow Moon (w/ Tricia Ellis)

What happens when Star Wars creator/destroyer George Lucas hires X-Men writer Chris Claremont to make a trilogy in the style of Lord of the Rings? An incomprehensible, sodden mess, as it turns out. A gritty reimagineering of slash sequel to a schlocky, shticky, slapsticky non-hit children’s movie called Willow, Shadow Moon nearly brings J., Collision, […]

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