167 — The Champ of TV Wrestling (Which Way Books #22)

It’s time to get what an old boss of Clsn’s used to call “choiceful” in these all-too-choice-free times, so we break format a little bit (and break out laughing a lot) with a “Which Way” book, in which we try and mostly fail to become the titular Champ of TV Wrestling.

Do the elegant diversions of a more innocent age hold up in today’s bustling, hugger-mugger world of screens and Tik-Tok and whatnot? We invite you and all your friends to choose to find out! Click on in and try your luck with the champs of … The Champ The Champ of TV Wrestling, that is!


  • The Murderbot Diaries, by Martha Wells
  • Enjoy the things that make you happy!