161 — The Coven (with Jeb Lund!)

Cover of the novel The Coven, written byE. Howard Hunt writing as David St. John.

Oh my goodness, this is gonna be a wild (broomstick) ride, as the all-time oldest friend of the show, Jeb “@mobute” Lund comes back to help us live deliciously and handle the weirdness of The Coven, by second-tier Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt, writing as “David St. John”. And, in a way, aren’t we all writing as David St. John?

We should note that this is a pulp novel of the early 70s, and, as such, blasts casual slurs, offensive stereotypes, and wide-spectrum ignorance and hostility onto basically every page: We work hard to skirt this garbage, but it’s there throughout. If you want to skip this ep, we’ll understand, and we certainly suggest you skip this book.

But if you’re in a mood for a two-fisted, many-piped Washington lawyer with some controversial opinions about young, handsome senators and, eventually, witchcraft, then fire up some incense, polish your cauldron and iron your hair, because you’ve just been granted access to … The Coven.


  • L.A. Quartet by James Ellroy
  • Perry Mason, remake by HBO
  • L.A. Noir by John Buntin
  • Jennifer’s Body movie
  • The Hotel of the Three Roses by Augusto De Angelis