157 — Resident Evil Volume II: Caliban Cove (with Kait & Renata from Worst Bestsellers!)

Because timing is the essence of success and entertainment, we’re kicking off our latest huge crossover withKait & Renata from Worst Bestsellers by taking on Resident Evil Volume II: Caliban Cove, an original novel about … a horrible virus.

We promise, however, that the episode is a lot of fun even if the book was a little too close to our current moment! Cool hangs with four of your bad-book buds: what more could you ask for?

Oh! You want to ask for more? Okay, how about “sweaty ghosts”? Flight-preparation kibitzing? Subtle grenade foreshadowing that isn’t very subtle? This one has everything up to and definitely including probably the most savage Karen-centric action in any book we’ve ever seen. If you’re ready for a classic Resident Evil experience (prowling through an abandoned laboratory waiting for the monsters to show up), and a classic Worst Bestsellers / IDEOTVPod experience (cracking jokes while waiting for the monsters to show up) then this should be an infectious good time!


  • Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang
  • The Magnus Archives podcast
  • Jewball by Neal Pollack
  • River of Darkness: The First John Madden Mystery by Renny Airth
  • Trust Exercise by Susan Choi
  • The Surprising Return of Old-Ass Satellite High by Satellite High


  • Got nothing this time, sorry