149 — Get in the Van

We finally had to do it, so we skipped a couple showers, got real, real mad at our parents (and, probably, yours) and went out on the road to discover (how much we hated) America, and to do all of that, we had to start with one simple step: We had to Get in the Van. Henry Rollins’ van!

It’s two men confronting formative influences and finding them … hoo boy. Everybody’s got to come from somewhere, anyway, and if you look back and DON’T think you’ve grown some, well, that’s just a damn’ bummer and a shame. As are a lot of the sentiments expressed in this book, a bunch of journal entries from a young man far from home and thoroughly convinced that what the world needs from him is, like, TOTAL AGGRESSION or something (as though the world needs more young white men delivering aggression).

Anyway. The style? is run-ons; the content? is Being Real Mad; the effect? is mostly extremely tiring. However, the episode is lots of fun, so grab your journal and your angst and make sure your safety belt is low and snug across your hips, because it’s time to … get in the van.


  • Agatha Christie’s Marple
  • Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat

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