120 — The Czar of Fear (A Doc Savage Adventure)

Doc Savage, The Czar of Fear book cover painted by James Bama.

Feel a glory in so rolling on the human heart a stone entitled The Czar of Fear* as IDEOTVPod lives out a long-term dream and finally hops on the running board with the Man of Bronze himself, Doc Savage, as he and his Good Friends in Adventure go forth to right the wrongs of … predatory capitalism. (Seriously.) (Evidently not every win ol’ Doc racked up was a win of the perduring variety.)

When an industrial town upstate goes on strike to protest slashed wages by factory owners, and strikebreakers are driven mad by unseen means, when the radio programming you know, love, and depend upon, is broken in on by malevolent bells, when your city is overrun by masked men doling out intimidation and murder to the tolling of those bells, only one man, with five helpers, can save the day, widely escaping significant peril and narrowly escaping marriage, and that man, of course, was the dry run for The Rock (although he is described as looking more like John Cena, come to think of it), and that man is Doc Savage. Millionaire, surgeon, inventor, firecracker enthusiast, and not exactly a philanthropist, but somebody willing to make you a payday loan at a reasonable rate, Doc is a dude with a lot going on, and also this book has a lot going on. As Clsn stumbles through a story he can’t really reconstruct, and as our own “Doc” Friedman lays out the principles undergirding that story, it may seem like “a lot” has become “jeez, too much”, but if you’re ready to soak in a tale where “‘Judborn Tugg!’ donged the Green Bell.” isn’t even one of the top ten sentences, then perhaps you’re ready to infiltrate the Green Bells and confront the Green Bell, a sinister force who never needs to be asked to clap.

SPECIAL THANKS to Richard Fakelastname, who sent us a squall of these for our, and, we hope, your pleasure!

*No, it’s not about Lee Ving.


  • The Yiddish Policeman’s Union, by Michael Chabon
  • Gold Fame Citrus, by Claire Vaye Watkins
  • Supplementary Rec: Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, by Philip José Farmer


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