113 — Who Moved My Cheese?

Cover of Spencer Johnson's book, entitled Who Moved My Cheese.

We’re not trapped in a maze with you, Who Moved My Cheese?—you’re trapped in here with us! After some more or less satisfying mysteries, we’re returning to the self-help / motivational genre, with 1998’s mystifyingly world-conquering clip art for the soul extravaganza, supposedly based on a story previously immensely successful business-book writer Spencer Johnson used to tell people. The story? Sort of a blend of Hellraiser and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, in which limited beings of uncertain creation are subjected to torment and deprivation at unknown hands.

It’s horrifying, for sure. It also gets a little hairy—and maybe even…a little bit…cheesy. Bait the trap and bate your breath, because it’s time to learn how to win the rat race. As an Extra Special Bonus In Celebration of Summer, we have a brand-new theme song, as demanded by our many, many fans who are also huge fans of Mungo Jerry. So hoot on that jug with the ONLY podcast that loves you, and you’ll never get cheesed off.



  • “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu-Tang Clan
  • “Mice Race” by Rudimentary Peni
  • “Cats, Mice” by Big Business