108 — Palo Alto

Cover ofJames Franco's Short Story Collection Palo Alto

We continue our trip around the world by following Amsterdam with a jaunt to Palo Alto, or anyway James Franco’s grimdark version of Palo Alto. If you’re still thrilled every time somebody says “Hi kids! Do you like violence?” this book may contain the pages you’ve been waiting for. If Sammy Hagar singing “you’re like rock candy, baby—hot, sweet, and sticky” is how you like your descriptions of the act of physical love, this book may deserve a place on your shelf. Or, maybe, if you just have a serious thing for the products of creative writing programs, Palo Alto may satisfy. Otherwise, come along if you care—come along if you dare—take a ride to the land inside of Silicon Valley.

NOTE: this book contains serious quantities of objectionable content, including teen sex, not all of it consensual, violence, and racism and other forms of bigotry. Also, the author has been accused of inappropriate and exploitative sexual behavior, which we were not aware of at recording time: we apologize for not being aware of this. Had we known, we would have likely been much more critical of the book’s content.



  • “Less Than Nothing” by I Hate Myself
  • “Suburban Home” by The Descendents
  • “What’s Up Doc? (Can We Rock)” by Shaquille O’Neal ft. The Fu-Schnickens