087 — TekLab (TekWar Series Book 3)

Because sometimes there’s a man, we won’t say a hero, but what is a hero, anyway, who can take skycabs down the mean streets without himself becoming mean, because sometimes we need a hero, are holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night, but we don’t need another hero, it’s time for William Shatner’s TekLab!

Like a cuddly Mike Hammer, or a Mack Bolan who wages a lonely war against evil but still remembers to call his girlfriend at the end of the day, TekLab protagonist Jake Cardigan is just the thing to slip into if you’re looking for something comfy. Action! is the name of the game here, but not so much action that you’ll get upset or anything. Intrigue! abounds, but is mostly reserved to “Hey, remember when we used to be enemies?” conversations, so don’t feel like you have to take notes or pay all that much attention. Wisecracks! are everywhere, but they’re not exactly zingers, so relax: you are more than welcome to join this battle of wits even if you’re essentially unarmed. It’s an enjoyable, easy read, and we hope you’ll enjoy loping along with us.

NOTE: Yes, we know Shatner said some stupid things on Twitter recently; No, we don’t particularly care. He didn’t even write the book, people, and if you really need to take your political cues from an elderly Canadian, might we suggest Margaret Atwood or somebody?


  • TekWar!


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