079 — Widow’s Walk

This episode, we’re hitching a ride on up to Boston to tag along with a sassy, tough-guy grandpa private eye, as he attempts to get to the bottom of a mystery involving real estate fraud, a dead gay banker, the dead gay banker’s young widow, her boyfriend, a lot of ancillary characters that don’t make any sense unless you’ve read the other 30-odd books in the series, and a lot of looking at women’s butts. Alternate title for this episode: Death Comes for Dadventure. Widow’s Walk, by Robert B. Parker.

NOTE: this is an older episode, so please excuse any awkwardness. Life intervened this week, and made it impossible to record a shiny new episode.


Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon
Burning Fight, Brian Peterson


  • “Alpha Centauri”, At the Drive-In
  • “Telephone”, TTC
  • “MMMbop”, Hanson
  • “Roundball Rock”, John Tesh