058 — Big Apple Takedown (w/ Kefin Mahon)

Big fun in this big episode about Big Apple Takedown! Your hosts and exceptional guest Kefin Mahon get in the ring to take on a brief story by Rudy Josephs that reads like the world’s least creative marketing executive using some extremely branded action figures slash dolls to reenact a half-remembered and very boring episode of your second-favorite TV show. Taste the thrills that only come with a book whose entire reason to exist is to remind you of things you like! Hear the confused joy of J. and Kefin as they endure the important question “Hey, are the ‘characters’ in this book actually the ones that are supposed to be there?”! Smell the the baffled despair in Collision’s voice as he explores “who the pants are the dolls this ‘writer’ is playing with, anyways?”!

We may not know why this book exists, but we do know that if it’s gonna go ahead and exist, we need to bag on it—hard. And that’s exactly what we do. Because that’s the I Don’t Even Own a Television Pledge. That’s what we bring to you, and that’s what this dumb book earns. So slip into your tights and get ready to wrangle with a champion-level pile of garbage. NOTE: win or lose, you’re gonna need a belt (of strong brown liquor) to deal with this one.

(p.s. “Shimmering Warlock” is J.’s weird wrestling-related rap project so all the bumper music in this episode is made by him and available for free streaming at soundcloud and http://shimmeringwarlock.com)


  • Perdido Street Station, China Mieville
  • Have a Nice Day, Mick Foley
  • Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë


  • Wrestling Still Rules” by Satellite High
  • “Work the Angles” by Shimmering Warlock
  • “Machka Udrya” by Shimmering Warlock
  • “Too Flamboyant” by Shimmering Warlock