057 — Money, Pizza, Respect

Money. Pizza. Respect. Two of these things are probably okay, but all of them will leave a bad taste in your mouth when they come from a “book” by Joshua “The Fat Jew Joke Thief” Ostrovsky. And we sincerely hope that Joshua got none of those things in exchange for cobbling together this somewhat book-like object for whatever hard-to-imagine audience he might once have had.Yes, this episode, J. and Collision are delving deep into 2014’s most second-tier memes, from “saying ‘someone drinks rosé’ is funny” all the way to “saying ‘beef jerky’ is funny”. Except these memes are packaged with way more offensive epithets, racist commentary, and lazy page-occupying filler than you’d expect. Enjoy J.’s most vibrant anger yet! Snicker at Collision’s least convincing high points segment ever! But most of all, sigh at the society that has made a talent-free joke thief like Ostrovsky very nearly successful.

NOTE: we expect that Joshua will respond to this the only way he knows how: by stealing somebody else’s ideas. So, when he launches his own podcast about bad books, probably called “I Don’t Read I Only Own a Television”, with segments like “Dramatic Passage”, “What Would They Choose?”, and “What Is the Best?”, please help us denounce this twerp’s thieving ways.



  • “Shoop” by Salt-N-Pepa
  • “No Scrubs” by TLC
  • “Crazy B*tch” by Buckcherry
  • “Refusing to be a Man” by Propagandhi