054 — Hammer of the Gods

Say what you will about Led Zeppelin and the average rock bio, but this particular rock bio is (a) about Led Zeppelin and (b) full of hot air. Join us as we talk about the granddaddy of all trashy rock books, Stephen Davis’ Hammer of the Gods, a bizarre work of fanfic about a mid-tier white blues band and their delightful cast of characters: bassist John Paul Jones, who I don’t think we mention one time; brassy penis-having shrieker Robert Plant; drug-addled sex wizard and guitar player Jimmy Page; and “Bonzo”, a drummer. It’s a book that proves it’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re hanging out with complete turkeys, but it manages to crash and burn anyway.

Actually, I quit cocaine this morning,” this book doesn’t begin. Sadly. But the line is in the book, if that’s your sort of thing! So pull yourself into your tightest pants and your flounciest man-blouse, no matter what you’d normally wear, and settle in for a book devoted to the proposition that, somehow, people should have paid more attention to Led Zeppelin. Seriously.

NOTE: the most notorious element of this book is a story about this band and their abuse of women; for your mental health and ours, we do not discuss it in this episode. We’re aware of the story, and how horrible it is (even if it was completely fabricated), and didn’t feel like airing it. Thanks!

Special bonus show notes!

Hi! Normally Collision writes the episode descriptions, but he’s out of town, and I’m up late on the computer, so it’s me, ya boy, J. W. Friedman!

Anyway, on this one, we talk about the book “Hammer of the Gods – The Led Zeppelin Saga”, which is a very bad rock biography about the band Led Zeppelin, most of which appears to be completely untrue and relatively offensive.

We also talk a lot about Led Zeppelin and I am definitely not making any friends with this one.



  • “Come With Me” by Puffy Daddy
  • “I Hate Led Zeppelin” by Screeching Weasel
  • “No One Like You” by Scorpions
  • Theme from “Bonanza”