047 — Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

Get your wings, along with J. and Collision, as the author of definitive 70s artifact Jonathan Livingston Seagull struggles to follow up his mega-hit with…this.  In this thin volume, Richard Bach teaches us all that the best thing about flying is that it lets you look down on everyone.  Bach proves that he’s hella hardcore, as he teaches us to Rise Above (Black Flag style) while At the Movies like Bad Brains!  This book is for everyone who ever wanted to feel good about themselves for no particular reason, and this episode is for everyone who met somebody like that and was all like…dude…seriously…take it down a notch.

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  • Omega the Unknown, Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes
  • Wolf in White Van, John Darnielle


  • “Paper Planes” by MIA
  • “Fly” by Sugar Ray
  • “Fly to the Angels” by Slaughter
  • “The Biplane Evermore” by The Irish Rovers