045 — Snow Crash

Happy holidays! Fresh from our wonderful listeners voting us into the AV Club’s Top 10 Podcasts, IDEOTVPOD scrapes the bottom of the barrel — no, the part actually touching the ground, where it’s gross and grubby and slimy — and gives the people what they want: Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.
Extra-special music, live-and-in-person dialogue trees, and a dramatic reading from J. that makes this dumb book sound about eleven times as good as it is. Hop on your plank, strap on your samurai swords, and get ready to hear a lot about how great hackers are from one extremely notable hack, Neal Stephenson



  • “Liquid Swords” by GZA
  • “What About Me?” by Jim Johnston
  • “Pizza Boy USA” by Lou Monte
  • “Close Your Mouth (It’s Christmastime)” by The Free Design