040 — Kitchen Confidential

In this episode, the fish truly don’t fry in the kitchen, and the beans don’t burn on the grill.  It’s a sizzler this time around, as J. and Collision read Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, the memoir that dares to combine dirty dishes with Motley Crüe’s The Dirt.  Sit down with Extremely Cool Guy Anthony Bourdain as he explains to you — over and over again — how extremely and ultimately cool he is.  Plus a recap of the IDEOTVPOD team’s trip to beautiful Minneapolis to hang out with The F Plus and way, way more puns than normal.  Apologies if that’s not to your taste!


Heat, Bill Buford

The Worm-Farmer’s Lament, Mary Karr


  • “It’s Me” by Action Bronson
  • “Feed Me More” by Jim Johnston
  • “I Like Food” by The Descendents
  • “Dine Alone” by Quicksand