024 — The Actuator: Fractured Earth (w/ Alexander Hinman)

In this episode, I’m joined by Alexander Hinman to discuss “The Actuator: Fractured Earth”. “The Actuator” is a new video ga– er– book series about a group of “machine monks” who wield the power to shape reality to their liking using a machine called “The Actuator” except they’re all weird nerds that the government kidnapped so all their fantasy worlds are dragons and steampunk shit. The protagonists travel through many leve– er– locales, in search of magical keys — er — no, wait, they actually DO look for magical keys. The book is a clusterfuck. Please enjoy the show.


None this episode.


  • “Jump” by Kriss Kross
  • “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova
  • “My Girlfriend’s a Robot” by The Hanson Brothers