017 — A Spell For Chameleon (w/ Jesse Dangerously)

Content Warning: This book is filled with some of the most atrocious sexual ethics you will ever encounter and it needed to be discussed. So there are some sensitive issues addressed on this week’s show. Please be aware.

Piers Anthony wrote “A Spell For Chameleon” as a book for adults, and was told by his publisher that it would be released as a YA novel unless he ‘dressed it up’ and made it more mature. The result is a book filled with busty centaurs, awkwardly employed vocabulary words, and really bad puns. It’s also morally bankrupt and is probably responsible for ruining the minds of many teenagers nationwide. Listen, if you dare, as I’m joined by Official Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously to dissect this shining example of bad bad BAD fantasy.


None this episode.


  • “The Trees” by Rush
  • “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club