009 — Veeck as in Wreck (w/ Tim Harrison)


I recommended that we mock “Veeck – As In Wreck” solely after reading the first chapter, which is quite disturbing and has to do with exploitation of little people. However, it turns out that Bill Veeck was a pretty rad dude for a crazy man. However, his autobiography sucks.

I will warn you in advance, this is an episode for baseball nerds and people who just really like to hear me get things wrong and be corrected. If you are not interested in either thing, you might not dig this one so much. But that’s cuz you’re a dork.

Anyway, stay tuned next week as we get back into genre fiction and other nerd-friendly topics, okay? And now please bear with us as Tim and I engage in a long discussion about a game we love where 40-year old steroid freaks hit a tiny ball with a big wooden stick.



None this episode.


  • “Bye Bye Baby (SF Giants Fight Song)” by The KSFO Singers
  • “Baseball” by Kenny Franks
  • “One Man, Five Tools” by Puig Destroyer